"Drop Your Swords! Super Yoroi Exhibit"

Exhibit: 2015.04.11 (Sat.)–06.20 (Sat) (closed Sundays & holidays)
In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Tokugawa Ieyasu's death, Kosakuten members will put on an exhibit with the theme of Ieyasu and yoroi (Japanese armour) at CCC. There will also be a special live performance with the Kosakuten member band OBANDOS and special guests.


Shiriagari Kotobuki "Mou-ii-ra." (Enough Already?)

When:2015.4.1 (Wed.) - 2016.3.26 (Sat.)
The year long event by the Shizuoka native manga artist Shiriagari Kotobuki continues. In this exhibition "Mou-ii-ra." (Enough Already?) includes new works by Kosakuten members who will put on an exhibit "Drop Your Swords! Super Yoroi Exhibit" with the theme of Ieyasu and yoroi (Japanese armour) at CCC. The popular "Reading Room" and "Dai Kaiten-sai" will continue.Come and experience the ever-changing world of Shiriagari!


CCC Exhibit Competition: New Creators Competition 2016

Submissions Accepted : 2015 May 11 (Mon.)–July 31 (Fri.) | Exhibitions: 2016 January 12 (Tue.) to February 13 (Sat.)
In continuation of our support for budding creatives, CCC (the center for creative communication) is proud to hold the 7th New Creators Competition. 2 selected exhibit plan entries will receive funding to support the execution of the exhibits which will be held from January 2016 at CCC.


NCC Shizuoka 2015 Exhibit Competition

Submissions Accepted : 2015 01.13 (Tue.)–03.23 (Mon.)
CCC is accepting exhibition entries from Shizuoka Prefecture residents and Shizuoka native creators between Jan. 13 – Mar. 23.. A total of 10 entries will be selected to receive 50,000 JPY support for exhibit expenses and the opportunity to hold their exhibitions at CCC in 2015.


"Producing Shizuoka, Our Way" CCC Creator Exhibition

Exhibit: 2015.02.28 (Sat.)–03.14 (Sat), Gallery Talk: 2015.03.07 (Sat) from 13:00
CCC resident creators take on the challenge to come up with new ideas for Shizuoka City. Using each of their unique talents, they will produce ideas and exhibit their rough sketches, graphics and more. Come and find out how they would produce Shizuoka City.